California homeowner frightens away criminals with the unique water-spraying gadget

People often find out about individuals utilizing motion sensors, floodlights and alarms to fight off criminals, however one Porterville, California family made it a step further to get the crooks to step away.

Water – that is how homeowner Josh Camerena fought off a supposed criminal.

Over the previous year, he has managed prowlers focusing on his Porterville neighborhood.

“Someone has come and tried to look in my truck. They tried to pop our lock on the side gate to get in our backyard,” says Camarena.

By then, Camerena and his wife decided to install a Ring camera, trusting it would stop the issue.

“We thought the light itself would scare them away,” he says.

Be that as it may, that security trick was not successful.

The crooks were all the while returning.

So Camerena’s wife went to the internet and found a one of a kind device that sprays water at anything in its view.

“The brand is called Orbit Yard Enforcer. It’s more (meant for) animals, like keeping animals out of your yard,” he says.

Within days it was delivered and Camerena immediately sorted it out, placing it inside a can loaded up with pea-sized gravel.

The sensor was working appropriately on Monday morning at 4:57 when a man moved up on his bike and got his sticky fingers wet.

“From that point throughout the whole morning, I couldn’t stop laughing, we both were laughing about it, it was pretty awesome,” says Camarena.

Porterville Police say various neighborhoods have encountered criminals focusing on vehicles and other property while individuals are sleeping.

“Never leave anything of value in your vehicle number one. If your vehicle is parked outside, make sure it’s locked. A lot of people we ask that they also call and let us know because then we know to focus our patrols at,” says Porterville Police Lt. Brian Nix.

Be that as it may, until further notice, Camarena is going to bed with peace of mind since he has a $70 contraption that is armed… what’s more, prepared to spray.

Camarena says since he installed the water spraying water tool, he has not had additional issues with thieves hoping to take.

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